Friday, June 5, 2009

Join the Movement by posting an experience!

Hello out there!

My name is Matt. I have lived a relatively uneventful and sheltered life, in my eyes. Despite this fact, however, throughout my life’s travels I have personally known or been acquainted with people who have seen horror in this world.

I watch the news like everybody else. There are a lot of negative things going on in the world right now. Many of us have a lot of reasons to be jaded at the world, at life in general. Or at the very least we could all be chronically scared, anxious, paranoid, or intimidated.

But that is NOT what this blog is about. Believe it or not, despite all of the bad out there, I believe that the good that exists in this world outweighs it; by far in fact. I believe that there is much more GOOD news in the world. We just don’t hear about it.

So wouldn't you like to? When it comes right down to it, I believe that most of us would. It would do us all some good to hear about the good going on in the world, kind of like our positive mojo fiber for the day. Therefore, I would like to offer up this blog as a forum for those who would like to share their positive life experiences, and I invite you to do so by answering one simple question:

"Name one nice thing that someone has done for you that has positively impacted your life."

It may be an individual, group, organization, company, church, pet, you name it. Whether you consider it to be of great or small significance, please be encouraged to share. Be it what it may, there are no judges here. Please include your name and where you are from in the heading of your post. I will leave it up to you as to whether or not you would like to include your last name, as I plan to compile these posts into a published book when I have a sufficient amount (although I plan to see the sharing of these experiences continue for a long, long time). Also feel free to send experiences or comments on the blog to

May you enjoy this journey with me. I have a feeling that many of the experiences herein will be both astounding and inspiring, because I sincerely believe that there is So Much Good in the World. Now help me prove it! Leave a comment below and help me start the chain.